What Causes Muscle Pain among Pets and Effective Pain Relief for Dogs

Unlike humans, dogs stand on their toes with their knees forward and their ankles in the air. Imagine yourself staying in this position for a whole day, and you can get even the slightest idea on how much stress your dog must put on his muscles and joints everyday. It’s not surprising, then, that they can hurt their muscles every now and then.

Muscle Strain and Sprains

Your pet dogs can also experience muscle strains or sprains. Sprains happen when ligaments are harmed, while strains often injure tendons. Either way, both injuries can cause damage to your dog’s muscles and bones.

Sprains or strains are often diagnosed when your dog begins to go limp or lame. A visit to a vet may be necessary when the limping lasts for more than a day.

Alternative Pain Relief Treatments

Fortunately, muscle pain doesn’t always necessitate a surgery. Your pet dog can instead undergo alternative pain relief treatments, including massage. Like their human owners, your furry friend also appreciates a few minutes of massage, as it helps them feel better and find relief from pain.

Effective massage techniques for muscle pain relief often involves petting the area of pain, then applying gentle compressions rhythmically. This motion helps move fluid throughout the muscles, thus taking the tension off the tendons surrounding the affected area.

Supplements for Pain Relief

You can also complement this massage therapy by giving your pet dog food supplements. These supplements, which you can find online, provide your dog with glucosamine that helps in keeping your dog’s bone health strong. In fact, these are also found to be effective in providing pain relief for dogs.

With these supplements, your furry friend can easily bounce back and return to his jolly and active self.


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