Omega 3 for Dogs: The Key to a Healthy Heart and a Happy Doggy Life

Your dog is your best friend, and you want to give him the best possible care. The same way humans need a healthy diet to stay in shape, providing your dog with healthy foods is vital to keeping his heart in good working order.

Healthy Heart Food for Dogs

Generally, your dog’s diet should be high in protein. This is found in red meat such as beef, and heart meat can be particularly beneficial. It’s important not to give your dog too much salt or sugar, so be particularly careful with table scraps such as cheese and processed meats.
Reduce Unhealthy Fats

Certain fats are essential for a healthy dog, as they provide energy and help your dog absorb vitamins. There are many benefits of fatty acids such as omega 3 for dogs, which can be found in oily fish such as herring and salmon. Many of the fats in human foods, however, are bad for your dog. Such fats can cause excess weight gain, which can then lead to heart disease.

Cut Down Sugar
Sugar affects dogs similarly to humans, causing them to become hyperactive and uncooperative. Following this, the “low” will make your dog lethargic and moody. Dogs can also develop diabetes if there is too much sugar in their diet.

High-Fibre Diet and Health

Found in vegetables and grains, fibre is beneficial to dogs as it helps prevent bowel problems and reduces the risk of colon cancer. It is also an effective means of preventing your dog gaining too much weight.

Controlling Your Dog’s Food Intake

Different dogs need to be fed different amounts depending upon their metabolic rates. This can change over time, so it is important to keep monitoring your dog’s dietary requirements to keep his health in peak condition.


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